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Founded in 2006, Karthavya is a core technology company offering unique portfolio of products and services in Newsroom Broadcast solutions, world-class ERP solutions and Information Technology enabled services. Karthavya's product portfolio is focused towards newsroom automation, comprehensive production workflows, and integrated media management solution. While the Services division provides dedicated technology consulting and services in application design, product re- engineering, ERP, and mobile application development. The organization is backed up with a dedicated Research & Development team which is the driving force behind innovative technology solutions offered under the umbrella of brand 'Karthavya'.

Karthavya was founded with the ideology to 'Serve in the Spirit of Duty' and has been revolutionizing the newsroom by leveraging latest technology to broadcast news. The company is a pioneer in the field of newsroom automation and has established as the industry leader in the domain. Headquartered in Bangalore, the silicon capital of India, Karthavya has established a reputation beyond local boundaries with global acknowledgement having number of clients in Asia Pacific and America.

Karthavya's portfolio of products focused on newsroom automation and broadcast include, Blaze (The Newsroom Computer solution), QuickEdge (The Broadcast Automation Suite), and DataHeart (Arhival & HSM Solution).

Having vast experience in product engineering and software services, Karthavya is backed up by 150 person years of domain expertise. The team lays excessive focus on R&D, technology competency and domain knowledge.


To establish Karthavya as the world leader and visionary in the media industry


To stay true to society by adapting honesty & integrity as organizational values and not succumb to the pressure of society but help unveil the true picture for media publishing.

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