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QuickEdge Modules


MCR Playout application is an Playout client optimized for MCR operations. Integrations with Graphic Systems, Switchers and other devices is emphasized in this application for automated Manual intervention free playout. Secondary events will be auto trigerred by the MCR Application.

  • Mirrorred Playout Support
  • Automated Seconday events firing
  • Integrations with leading Broadcast management Systems

PCR Playout application Client is optimized for Playout situations which demand quick - last minute changes to the Playlist which often happens in a News environment. The user interface layout is designed to enable changes quickly. The PCR Application integrates natively with Newsroom Computer Systems

  • A/B Roll Playout
  • Manual Override possible for NRCS Playlist
  • Supports mirror Mode for Failsafe Operation
  • Runtime information is fed to Newsroom Computer System[NRCS] and the current playing clip, cued and played information will be updated to NRCS users.

QuickEdge Ingest Application enables control of multiple ingest ports from a single user interface. Both Scheduled ingest and Crash recording are Supported

  • Router Control
  • Automated categorization and meta data management
  • Growing file can be Played

MediaWorker - The Heart of the automation engine provides the API for other modules to access and manipulate media files. Its multi node architecture ensures that it can scale both vertically and horizontally, failure of a node is gracefully handled without any effect on the day to day operations.

  • Rule based and automated File Movement across storage Devices
  • Intelligent auto purge with configurable deletion settings
  • WhatsApp Integration - Media from Whatsapp will be avialable for playout within "Seconds". Transcoding of WhatsApp Images and Video is automated
  • Handles growing files flawlessly
  • Supports devices with CIFS/FTP/NFS & Cloud File Systems

Acknowledging the fact that "Content is the KING" in a media driven workflow, QuickEdge MAM provides you complete control on the assets available. One of the first in the industry to use IN-MEMORY database which increases database search speeds upto 100X which results in enormous improvements in the productivity. With features such as "SMART FOLDERS" and "INTRA SHARE" collaborative media workflow can be redefined.

  • Supports multiple production storages across different platforms & protocols. Cross Platform Client supports both Windows & MAC
  • Youtube Plugin - Upload and Manage your YouTube channel right inside the MAM User interface
  • Well thought user management system enables folder wise privileges to Add & edit metadata, read write operations, Monitor system resources
  • NLE-PLUGIN: Tightly integrated NLE plugin enables media browse & search right inside the NLE. Drag and drop media directly on to the timeline and export to QuickEdge MAM.
Traffic & Scheduling integration

The easy to use enterprise grade QuickEdge Traffic and scheduling system will help you in managing, planning and reporting of advertisement orders accurately using a centralized management system

  • Programming & FPC: Creation of ad slots, schedules for the whole month or on daily Basis. last minute changes also possible to the schedule.
  • Scheduling: Tightly coupled with QuickEdge automation doing away with inaccurate XML based integration ,enables Playout clients to import schedules directly from the Playout interface. QuickEdge Playout additionally aides the users to identify deviations from the schedule.
  • Reports: Comprehensive graphical reports made available in standard reporting formats
QuickEdge Device Control

Controls and integrates with various other devices such as VTR, switchers, Character Generator(CG), routers & switchers on Insustry standard communication Protocols.

  • Automated switching in case of hardware failures
  • Complete VTR control during ingest operations
  • Browse & Insert CG templates directly on-to the playlist
QuickEdge Proxy

High Performance frame accurate low res proxy videos of all the ingested media. Proxy can be used for rough cut and EDL preparation in NRCS. Inbuild Transcoder helps you convert media on the fly to various broadcast format and codecs. For High Load transcoding needs QuickEdge integrated with Industry leading Transcoding Solutions like harcomic Carbon and TeleStream Episode

  • Multi format/codec transcoding for delivery across web & Mobile platforms
  • User Definable quality & resolution of Proxy media

Integrates with other Newsroom systems on the Industry Standard MOS Protocol which enables newsroom users to be in sync with the ststus of the Rundown.

  • Supports Mos Protocol version - 2.6 & 2.8.3
  • Sends all clips status to the Newsroom Computer System
  • Shows Individual media server Media ready Status
  • Linux Based Rock Solid Architecture

    Enables unparalelled robustness to the system, which is paramount to a broadcast setup. A true "fit it and forget it" solution.
  • Hot Backup Nodes

    Inbuilt fail-over identification and auto switching ensures stable throughput even if a node fails due to any hardware failures.
  • User configurable UI Layout With Memory

    Acknowledging that each individual operators have their preferred user layout & Shortcuts, the layout can be switched back to one's preference in a press of a button
  • End to End Media Management

    From the simplest of workflows to the most sophisticated ones QuickEdge MediaWorker module automates various tasks such as Proxy Generation, File movement, house Keeping, auto backup etc
  • Separate MCR & PCR Automation

    Identifying the clear differences in the workflows required for MCR & PCR, two Separate sub engines will be running enabling requirement specific behaviour.
  • MOS & Open protocols support

    Supports industry standard MOS protocol along with control for other third party devices on other standard protocols
  • Built around Linux Operating System with core principles of Robustness and security
  • Sophesticated Redundancy & ports mirroring Capabilities
  • Client server architecture with a light weight client which controls multiple playout ports from a single interface
  • Fully MOS Protocol Complaint which supports all major Newsroom vendors
  • Unique Traffic & scheduling Feedback system identifies and alerts users about any deviation from the planned schedule
  • As-run-log generator with detailed reports and export to standard file formats

Client Workstation: Min Requirements

  • CPU:Intel Core i3
  • HDD:100 GB HDD
  • NETWORK:Gigabit Network card
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: MS Windows: 7 Pro, 8 Pro
    Mac OS X: Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mavericks
    Linux: Any distribution with GUI support
  • Contact us for server specifications

Supported 3rd Party Devices

  • DELL
  • HP Storage
  • XOR
  • Grass Valley
  • Infortrend
  • Wasp
  • EVS
  • VRI
  • ClassX
  • Gen21
  • Gen21
  • QNAP