About our Services

Karthavya offers a wide range of technology services that deliver real results ensuring high return on investment for your business.

Who are we?

Karthavya is a software development company catering to clients across the globe, offering array of technology services and portfolio of products. The company is a leading solution provider in for Broadcast, Finance and ERP software solutions. Karthavya's core area of strength is Newsroom automation, which is supported with the suite of broadcast based products - Blaze Newsroom Solution, QuickEdge Automation and DataHeart Archival, facilitating "end to end" solution for all broadcasting needs. The portfolio of products is further amplified with the array of technology services for multiple industry verticals.

Key industry areas of focus for Karthavya include:

Broadcast | Content management| Finance & E-Commerce | Social Media Analytics

Product Engineering

Today's end customers demand products designed and developed with latest technology, enhanced materials, sustainable designs, excellent quality and most important of all, an ideal and superior user experience. Karthavya's dedicated and expert Product engineering team helps achieve all the above characteristics in your end product, thereby ensuring 100% satisfaction for your customers.

If your customers are happy, you are happy, and eventually Karthavya is successful in achieving the goal! At Karthavya, we strive to help you excel at your business by leveraging our industry knowledge and years of hands-on expertise.

Karthavya's comprehensive range of services includes exhaustive R&D capabilities and Engineering services for component vendors across industry verticals. Our product engineering services are designed keeping in mind the "end to end" requirements, including conceptualization, innovation, prototyping, re-engineering, new product development, sustenance, testing and eventually 24*7 tech-support. Karthavya's product engineering experts are there to hold your hands and lead the way during the complete cycle of product engineering, helping you deliver world-class user experience to your customers. Karthavya also adds value to product architecture through its deep knowledge of the latest concepts in the area, such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabling you to build a scalable, extensible, and customizable product. Karthavya's working methodology includes understanding your business goals, recommending the perfect solution to suit the business needs and delivering the required solution way above your expectations. Our work speaks for us for the proven track record of consistent delivery performance and outliving our clients' expectations. We cover the entire mobile communications value chain, delivering long-term value to our clients through innovative and flexible business models. Talk to our Product Engineering experts to explore opportunities of product engineering in your business.

Social Media Analytics

Is your organization lost in the Social world?

Social is the way forward for enterprises to stay abreast with the end customers, engage with the right target audience, and excel in managing customer relationships. Enterprises are realizing the role social plays in business transformation and are openly adopting it as an integral part of overall business process.

Karthavya's Social Media Analytics solution is designed and customized to address an enterprise' holistic social requirements. The solution provides useful, actionable insights into consumer behavior and provides capability to understand customer sentiment across different platforms available on social. The solution is an integrated holistic solution which captures end to end social media performance of the organization, even taking care of the online reputation management.

Enhance the impact of your social media marketing activities with Karthavya's Social Media Analytics solution, a unique approach customized to your organization's needs. Talk to our Social Media experts today!

Content Management Solutions

Is your enterprise struggling with content management?

What you need is a customized enterprise Content Management solution!

Enterprises are realizing the value of content and the role it plays in enhancing the efficiency as well as productivity of the organization. Value of unique business content has further increased owing to the advanced role of mobile, social and cloud technologies in today's business transformation. Karthavya's Enterprise Content Management System is a niche and focused solution designed to address these content critical needs of today's enterprises.

Karthavya's content management solution is conceptualized on the premise of designing innovative solution to collaborate content across different usage/deployment platforms such as mobile, cloud and social, as well as collaborating with the overall business processes.

Karthavya's CMS enhances organization's operational efficiency by reducing silos of unformatted data available, analyzing this data and converting it into useful information thereby building a smarter enterprise. Talk to Karthavya's content management experts to select the best content management solution for your enterprise!

Enterprise Solutions

Transform your business with Karthavya's Enterprise Solutions!

Today's corporate environment demands infallible, flexible, agile and efficient enterprise systems to ensure your business stays ahead in the competitive race and adapts to your end customer's needs. Karthavya's enterprise solutions help your business manage enterprise applications that are complex, scalable, distributed, user friendly, component-based and most important of all, mission-critical!

Karthavya brings forward rich industry experience, and valuable industry partnerships to facilitate optimization of your business processes, deeper insight into real time data, focus on enhanced decision making capabilities, instill innovation into solutions, and add value across the complete business cycle. Karthavya's enterprise solutions provide you with flexibility to work the business logic, and build applications to manage online shopping to automated billing mechanisms.

The ultimate value-add is enhanced efficiency and productivity of your organization, leading to business continuity. Some key aspects of Karthavya's Enterprise solutions include:

  • It imbibes complex business logic.
  • It is high on performance yet fortified from vulnerabilities.
  • It is designed such that to conveniently manage humongous data volume.
  • It facilitates solutions that are customizable, scalable, extendable, and easy to maintain.
  • It enhances the overall value of the enterprise application landscape of your business.

Talk to Karthavya's Enterprise Solutions team and give the boost your business has been waiting for!

IT Consulting

Are you looking for certainty in your business?

Business certainty is the most uncertain thing in today's volatile and rapidly changing business environment. But Karthavya can help you achieve this certainty!

Karthavya's business consulting team comprises of industry-wide veterans and domain experts who bring in the right perspective and insights required to ensure ongoing business transformation. Considering the rapidly changing business environment, ongoing business transformation is the strategic choice for a business to stay ahead of the competition.

Apart from the veterans on the consulting team, Karthavya has "right" collaborations in the industry and the perfect industry partnerships to co-create value for your business. Karthavya's consulting team brings stability to your business with advancement towards assured business success.

Besides reconciling your entrepreneurial activities with the accumulated business data and the way it is being leveraged across, Karthavya provides expert advice on

  • Selecting the right mix of technology and tools for modeling.
  • automating your business processes to enable real time information sharing
  • ensuring high integrity across multiple systems, as well as enhanced operational efficiency

Talk to Karthavya's business consultants who provision end-to-end solutions for your business and help your business achieve the ongoing transformation with definite certainty.